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The CJC works to enhance links between Commonwealth Jewish communities, advocate on their behalf and to give voice to their concerns, commitments, principles and positions on the wider international stage.

CJC provide direct support to thirty-eight existing Jewish communities across the Commonwealth. Over thirty are across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean holding our most small and vulnerable communities often operating in extremely dangerous environments. Some carry out Jewish practices without a synagogue building or a Rabbi to offer any leadership and guidance.
Jewish communities are able to maintain their religion and culture, and offer a way for Jewish life even in hostile environments from direct support from CJC. Small grants are allocated to build capacity, and we help to ensure delivery and the development of skills and knowledge within the communities.



CJC works to protect and preserve Jewish life across the Commonwealth through advocacy. Our priorities are combating antisemitism, strengthening ties between Jewish communities, and ensuring that Jewish voices are present in the discussions on a range of issues that impact our global community.
We have adopted as our primary advocacy focus areas the championing of small islands states in their challenges posed by climate change and as well as leading efforts to have the IHRA definition of antisemitism adopted by governments and non-governmental organisations throughout the commonwealth.

Small Islands Big Challenges

IHRA Adoption


  • CJC at COP26

    1 November 2021
    What are our religious leaders doing to rise to the climate challenge? Watch here CJC panel event at COP26
  • Statement by the President of the Commonwealth Jewish Council, Lord Mendelsohn

    27 October 2021
    Climate Challenge and the Jewish World
  • Five things Jewish communities can do to get involved in COP26

    26 October 2021
    The CJC has issued suggestions as to five things that Jews can do immediately to shift the current damaging and deteriorating trajectory of the world in a more constructive direction.’
  • Are Religious Leaders Rising to the Climate Challenge? Join CJC at COP26

    20 October 2021
  • CJC to attend COP26 in November 2021

    1 October 2021
    The Commonwealth Jewish Council is taking a leading role on environmental issues and will be participating in COP26, the global United Nations climate change summit in Glasgow.
  • CJC hosts the World’s Biggest ‘Sukkah Hop’

    6 September 2021
  • Rabbi Netanel visits the Jewish Community of Arusha, Tanzania

    29 July 2021
    Check out this video of Rabbi Netanel’s visit to Arusha Jewish community in Tanzania and learn about the Yeminite Jews in Africa with Jewish community leader Yehuda Amir.
  • Commonwealth Jewish Council calls for release of ‘Nigeria three’

    22 July 2021
    Commonwealth Jewish Council (CJC) Chief Executive Clive Lawton is one of the many people working behind the scenes. Speaking to the SA Jewish Report from his home in the United Kingdom, he says he is alarmed that the men have been held in detention for more than a week without being charged. “That would indicate it’s only […]
  • CJC Covid-19 India Appeal

    16 June 2021
    In India, the pandemic still rages and obtaining oxygen, let alone hospital treatment, is not easy. On Lag Ba’omer, we sent out an urgent request to our communities across the commonwealth asking them to play their part in aiding the coronavirus crisis currently playing out in India. In less than two weeks, we have simply […]
  • CJC celebrates World Environment Day

    4 June 2021
    This Shabbat is #worldenvironmentday and here at the CJC we’ve spent the week looking at our role in the environmental challenges we all face. It’s been a busy week, these are just a few of the things we’ve been up to: Started our climate network with representatives from both small and large communities; including Canada, […]
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