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General Secretary
If interested, contact Clive Lawton, CEO, at either to discuss matters further or with a letter of application

TITLE: General Secretary

RESPONSIBLE TO: Chair of Trustees, Lord Mendelsohn


MAIN PURPOSE: To manage, maintain and extend the administration, projection and activity of the Commonwealth Jewish Council



  1. To attend, contribute to and minute all formal meetings of the CJC
  2. To maintain an up to date database of information, regularly reviewing and amending it to achieve maximum usefulness to the organisation and its key personnel
  3. To oversee practical arrangements for any events organised by the CJC
  4. To ensure that any archives are effectively stored and accessible
  5. To manage the CJC’s finances in collaboration with the treasurer
  6. To identify and make recommendations concerning equipment, procedures and arrangements that would benefit the CJC


  1. Together with the CEO, to maintain good and regular contact with the members of the CJC
  2. To ensure the timely production of newsletters and other forms of communication and ensure their effective distribution
  3. To line-manage the Campaigns and Public Affairs Officer, ensuring the regular and timely placing of press releases, blogs and announcements on the activities and achievements of the CJC
  4. To take responsibility for the design and presentation of CJC publications
  5. To ensure the Campaigns and Public Affairs Officer cultivates and maintains an effective social media presence
  6. To take responsibility for the maintenance and development of a lively effective website


  1. To represent the CJC at functions and meetings both within and outwith the Jewish community as agreed with the CEO
  2. To cultivate an effective relationship with the Commonwealth Secretariat, in collaboration with the CEO

Programme support and development

  1.   To be familiar with projects and programmes the CJC supports and be able to advocate for and explain them to others when asked
  2.   To oversee the process of distributing funds under the terms of the Development Fund and ensuring regular and effective reporting as stipulated in the terms of any grant
  3. To keep up to date with developments in the Jewish world and bring to the CEO recommendations for adding to or refining our programmatic activity, in tune with the ethos and purposes of the CJC


  • Annual salary: £32 – 35k per annum depending on experience
  • Commencement: ASAP
  • To work from home.
  • All necessary additional equipment required to carry out the above roles will be provided by the CJC
  • The normal working week will be Monday to Friday, 9.30 to 5.30, with staggered shortened Fridays in winter, two hours before the beginning of shabbat, though it is understood that as a professional job, and within reason, time to be spent is defined by the tasks to be done. 
  • There will be (rare) occasional work out of hours, normally early evenings and Sundays, and though hour-counting ‘time off in lieu’ will not formally apply, ‘reasonable flexibility’ will, to take out of hours work into account.
  • There will be 20 days paid holiday entitlement plus main Jewish festivals and public holidays. Such holidays may not be taken in times of key activity and should be arranged in consultation with the CEO. There will be only one week carry over from year to year.
  • Statutory sick pay conditions will apply.
  • Salary will be paid monthly in arrears net of income tax and national insurance. There will be a contribution to pension.
  • Reasonable expenses incurred in the course of work on behalf of the CJC, provided outline approval has been obtained from the CEO and receipts are provided, will be reimbursed.
  • Structured appraisal, together with an annual review of terms and conditions will be undertaken by the CEO each year.
  • Where necessary, reasonable training costs will be met by the CJC.
  • In the event of a grievance, initially the matter should be taken up with the CEO. If that would not be appropriate, or the initial discussion has not been satisfactory, the matter can be taken to the Chair for his consideration. Should you still be dissatisfied with the outcome, you may require that your written grievance be discussed by the full Board of Trustees at their next occasional meeting. The decision of the Board will be final.
  • All internal workings, deliberations and procedures of the CJC shall be deemed as confidential. Any breach of such confidentiality or other trust may be considered as sufficient grounds for instant and summary dismissal.
  • Except in cases described above, notice of conclusion of this appointment requires three months’ notice on either side or payment in lieu.

Person Specification:


  • Excellent written and spoken English skills
  • Able to understand and work with figures
  • Computer literate, not least in Word and Excel
  • Political awareness
  • Self starter
  • Good team worker
  • Social media skills
  • Can work under pressure


  • Global outlook and/or international experience
  • Experience of engaging with high status individuals 
  • Experience of working in both the Jewish and the non-Jewish worlds
  • Experience of working in a political or diplomatic environment
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