Extending Horizons

The CJC is a lead participant in multi-stakeholder discussions with the Jewish Agency of Israel, Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and 30 other International Jewish organisations.

The CJC supported tailored Jewish education programmes according to the established needs of our affiliates. In Mozambique, training for Jewish parents to enable them to teach weekly Hebrew classes to their young people. The Uganda community created a Hebrew literacy programme for over 100 members of the community which enhanced their ability to learn, read and write Hebrew. In St Lucia, we now see regular weekly classes in Judaism for all residents and
temporary/part-time residents there.

The CJC has also made it possible for the Nairobi Hebrew Congregation to employ a rabbi and rebbitzin by a creative partnership with the local community, securing a proportion of the couple’s time to also work with our affiliated communities in Uganda and Tanzania.

The CJC has been helping struggling and new communities develop their capacity, resources and aspirations. In Pakistan, we are supporting two initiatives in Karachi and Lahore to enable Jewish learning opportunities and gatherings. In Uganda, the CJC has supported the fragmented communities there to establish an umbrella structure to manage interactions and issues.

The CJC is working with Jewish international partners, including The Shabbat Project, Mitzvah Day, Limmud, March of the Living to promote and increase participation from across the Commonwealth communities. We are designing programmes, developing templates and sponsoring participation in international programming to uplift activities, and enhance intercommunity activity, offer contributions to wider society and ways to enrich leaders and potenital communal leaders.

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