Creating new activism in communities

The CJC has held Regional Meetings, bringing together the leadership of communities in Africa, Australasia, the Caribbean, and Europe, to help them utilise the network and share good practiceas well as enabling the CJC to discuss with them new ideas and common challenges. This includesshared festivals’ resources and programming, support on how to faciliate meaningfulconversations about anti-Semitism with our young people, and upgrading our Jewish education insmall communities.

The CJC developed a partnership with the Jewish Agency to work with expat Israelis living aroundthe Commonwealth. It is designed to engage Israelis living in the Jewish communities where theyare, the current pilot inclusion programmes are being explored in Mozambique and Jamaica tolearn about the challenges and possibilities of spreading this around all our affiliated communitiesin due course.

The CJC launched the Commonwealth Jewish Women’s Network to connect and support femaleleadership across Commonwealth Jewish communities. The launch event was addressed by theSecretary General of the Commonwealth, Baroness Scotland and was led by women from over 28countries. The CJWN have formed working groups to develop and suggest activities and sharesuccesses on Social Action projects, Jewish education in small communities, Inter-faith activities,Women in Leadership roles, the Environmental Crisis, and the Jewish communities challenges ofCovid-19. The CJC keeps regular communications to encourage affiliates to engage with the issues of thetime and know about initiatives which

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