The CJC is leading efforts to have the IHRA definition of antisemitism adopted by governments and non-government agencies throughout the Commonwealth. We have established an international high-level working group to collaborate and build wider partnerships across our four regional hubs (Australia, Canada, South Africa, and UK). This group engages directly with ministers, civil servants and parliamentarians to influence public policy on behalf of our members and communities across the Commonwealth to combat antisemitism. We learn from IHRA members through policy discussion and have been working to develop case studies showcasing good practice of IHRA and identifying barriers to build an evidence-base approach to adoption. For many of our communities, the most important relationships are with their local governments, so we are also supporting our members infuencing and bringing them together to meet with decision-makers to adopt the definition at local level.

Climate Change

Small islands: Big challenges

The CJC also works to put challenges posed by climate change and the championing of Small Island and Developing States at the core of the global Jewish agenda. Our manifesto ‘In Pursuit of Climate Justice’ urges climate action now. We have recruited environmentall champions from across our communities to lead the discussion and work to hold our governments accountable, turn their commitments into actions and mobilise action at local community level. We are working to make our voices heard by decision-makers and COP26 presents a huge opportunity to pressure the world’s governments and big corporations to agree a robust strategy to stem global warming. We are also working to make small but significant steps throughtout our communal networks and institutions. for example tree planting, reusing and recycling, and switching to renewable energies and avoiding plastics.
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