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The CJC is one of the few fully accredited Commonwealth organisations, we participate as a member of the Commonwealth Association in high-level programmes and institutional events. We are the only Jewish organisation with this status attached to the Commonwealth.
Together with our ever-growing network of reliable and helpful contacts and allies across the Commonwealth’s 54 nations, the CJC is now able to raise issues of concern to the Jewish community, whether of special Jewish significance, or wider issues of general importance. Such connections have ensured that we are able to assist our communities when the need arises, not least to address the growing scourge of renewed antisemitism worldwide. We are also better positioned to support our communities to engage with their national and local governments.


We have adopted as our primary advocacy focus the championing of small islands states in their challenges posed by climate change. Our ‘Small Islands Big Challenges’ campaign as well as leading efforts to have the IHRA definition of antisemitism adopted by governments and non-governmental organisations throughout the Commonwealth.
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Defending Jewish Communities

The CJC works to intervene and defend our Jewish communities around the Commonwealth. In New Zealand authorities in 2019, we supported the community when it became clear that they were reluctant to make special security arrangements for the Jewish school in Auckland, as they did not want to single it out from other schools. We produced a good practice guide based on the experience of other Commonwealth communities, which was used by the Auckland municipality to provide suitable facilities.

The CJC also intervened with the Sri Lankan authorities following news that they had decided, due to the pressures of the Covid pandemic, to require cremation after all deaths in the country. Our intervention made clear how this would impact on Jewish and other burial requirements, not least in relation to freedom of religion. The Sri Lankan government has agreed to reconsider their plans.

Relations with Israel

The CJC acts as a bridge to build relations between Commonwealth countries and Israel wherever possible, or simply to recognise the many ways that Israel does this itself and can contribute towards global well-being. We have showcased Israel’s technological advances in our “Small Islands; Big Challenges” campaign, and promoted Israeli innovations in Africa.
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