Inter-Religious Commonwealth Youth Alliance (IRCYA)


The Inter-Religious Commonwealth Youth Alliance (IRCYA) serves to build links across the Commonwealth and to promote democratic values, peace, and  cooperation. The Commonwealth’s 54 member countries have a combined  population of over 2 billion, of whom more than 60% are under 30 years of age.

The Jewish community has extensive experience of empowering young people, and a strong interest in working with the next generation of faith adherents and leaders on the issues and challenges ahead. The Alliance is a network of over 200 young people from across the  Commonwealth, including representatives from Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Canada, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo,  Cyprus,  Fiji, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra  Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, the UK, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The IRCYA comprises 11 action groups tackling the issues facing young people today, from addiction and mental health problems to peace-building and reconciliation, by looking at the role of religion, religious communities and religious identity in addressing these challenges.

Action Groups

The IRCYA comprises of 11 Action Groups:

  • Addiction issues and substance abuse

  • Addressing key mental health challenges, especially as they impact on young people

  • Climate Change
  • Extending and upgrading girls education
  • Extending sexual health and family planning facilities and awareness with sensitivity to religious teachings and perceptions
  • Foster understanding and collaboration on key issues by sharing religious teachings
  • Job skills and employment
  • Peace building and reconciliation for inter-religious harmony
  • Tree planting
  • WASH

IRCYA is convened by George Rosenfeld (UK) and co-convenor Deane De Menezes (India) and coordinated by a steering group of 15 young people from across the Commonwealth.

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  • Inaugural meeting of the IRCYA

    6 October 2020
    Inaugural meeting of the Inter-Religious Commonwealth Youth Alliance
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