Commonwealth Jewish Women’s Network (CJWN)

About CJWN

On the 11th February 2021, the Commonwealth Jewish Council launched a network of exceptional women, to connect and support female leadership across Commonwealth Jewish communities.

As new members of the Commonwealth family, we feel there is an opportunity to focus specifically on the existence of women of the faith communities and their contributions to civil society.

We recognise that Jewish women from across the Commonwealth possess a range of skills, experience and willingness to contribute. When united, potentially with women from other faith groups too, we can work together as a force for good to raise the profile of Commonwealth women and work towards enhancing gender equality as part of the sustainable development goals.

With this in mind, we have created a Commonwealth Jewish Women’s Network. This will offer opportunities for Jewish women from Commonwealth communities to connect with one another and raise awareness of issues relevant to numerous other women of the Commonwealth.

CJWN Steering Group

  • Laura Marks OBE
    Chair of Commonwealth Jewish Women’s Network
  • Karen Austrian


  • Martha Bernstein
  • Fiona Elkinson
  • Naomi Hassan-Weisfogel
  • Adina Halpern
    New Zealand
  • Ilona Lee
  • Efrat Lilian
  • Lebana Penkar
  • Elaine Robinson


  • Online event 01.02.2022: ‘A Jewish Woman’s Journey to Success’

    13 January 2022
    ‘A Jewish Woman’s Journey to Success’ an online event with Dr Janét Aizenstros, Chairwoman and CEO of Ahava Digital Group.
  • Commonwealth Jewish Women take a stand against gender based violence

    15 November 2021
    This Shabbat the Commonwealth Jewish Women’s Network asked #Rabbis from across the Commonwealth to use the story of #Dinah for their sermons and encourage their congregants to talk about the elimination and prevention of #genderbasedviolenc
  • Become part of CJWN

    2 February 2021
    The CJC calls on women from Commonwealth Jewish communities to become part of an empowered global community and become a united force for good.
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